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Client Testimonials

“Ms. Abboud represented me in my divorce with the highest ethical and moral caliber. Her attentiveness to detail and logical thought-process allowed for the Judge to have the facts of my case in a clear and succinct manner. She is caring, compassionate and extremely client-focused. She has a natural ability to explain complex family law issues in a non-threatening way. She worked jointly with me to plan the strategy of my case and did a wonderful job of keeping me informed of my case. I highly recommend Ms. Abboud to be lead counsel on any case involving divorce, custody, support or any matter involving family law. She will represent you honestly and is very mindful of fees from the client’s perspective. I strongly advise you to use her services!” ~ Bernard S.

“I hope you never need to hire a divorce attorney but if you do, I highly recommend Jackie Abboud. Ms. Abboud provided sensitive and supportive representation to me during a highly charged and conflictual divorce. As a working professional and mother of two, ending a 20-year marriage was overwhelming, and my plate was very full. I was terrified of a legal system I had little experience with and overwhelmed with fear due to the false accusations directed at me when I decided to no longer tolerate my ex-husband’s substance abuse. These accusations could have resulted in the loss of my license and my ability to provide for my family. Ms. Abboud understood what was at stake and listened to my concerns, even when I was at the end of my rope and less than polite. She went above and beyond to protect me and my children. She respected my concerns and the decisions I made about my case, even when they differed from her own. In the end “we” were successful and I felt a part of her legal team. Today, I have my children AND my career thanks to Ms. Abboud and her expertise and belief in me.” ~ Kimberly F.

“I met Jackie Abboud when she was a star attorney at one of top seven law firms in Los Angeles.  I immediately felt that I found a strong advocate for my children and me.  I was faced with an all-encompassing legal battle, which included adjudication of a community business, breach of fiduciary duty, child support, child custody and visitation, and accounting and financial issues.  Every issue was heavily litigated and disputed, with obstacle after obstacle being thrown at us by my ex-husband and his lawyers… What held me through the most difficult times was that I had an attorney in Ms. Abboud who cared as much as I did, and often seemingly more. There was never a deadline missed by Ms. Abboud.  She was always well prepared, organized, and burning the midnight oil, whenever necessary, to get the job done.  Her memory and knowledge of the law are impeccable.  Her passion and care are second to none…. At the end of it all, we won everything that we had asked for, including my share of the business, breach of fiduciary duty issues, custody of my children, child support, and attorney fees.  Most importantly to me, we won the religious Orthodox Jewish issues that I was fighting for my children. Even when the top attorneys in the city all advised that the courts do not hear such religious issues, Ms. Abboud found the right angle that changed that.  Ms. Abboud became an expert in every aspect of Jewish religious observance, and she understood the importance of it to my children, who had been raised in the Orthodox Jewish tradition.  Her expertise in this area helped me win the right to have my children maintain every one of their Jewish religious practices. Further, attorneys said that Judges would never grant me the attorney fees that I had incurred. Ms. Abboud worked diligently and won me a judgment for twice what anyone thought I could get, which nearly covered all of my expenditures. The incredible thing is that Ms. Abboud was extremely ethical with her billing, and I was able to sustain an epic legal battle. Ms. Abboud tried to pacify the situation and bring calm to all parties; however, whenever necessary, she aggressively faced head-on the legal battle before us. I recommend Ms. Abboud to anyone facing family law issues, including complex financial and business matters.  When you have Ms. Abboud fighting for you, you will win.  You will also feel that you now have a lifelong friend.  Too few people have the character that this remarkable attorney has.” ~ DH

“I consider myself fortunate to have been represented by Ms. Abboud during a tremendously difficult and abusive divorce process that lasted several years, and ended to my satisfaction and to my toddler’s benefit.  Thanks to Ms. Abboud’s tenacity, relentless round-the-clock efforts, and creative problem solving in the battlefield that our divorce had been.  Ms. Abboud’s devotion to my case, her personal approach, and her endless support – legal, moral, and emotional – are the reason I was able to come out of this horrifying process a whole person.  Ms. Abboud understood well my concerns as a woman and a mother.  My little one was one-and-a-half years old when my treacherous former spouse served me with divorce papers and tried to take advantage of my being a very busy professional in the beginning of my career in order to take my child away from me for future financial gains.  I was terrified – my two life’s purposes – my child and the career I have been working for all my life, were both threatened.  I did not know where to run or what to do.  My treacherous, abusive, and cunning former spouse and his attorneys waged a tough legal battle against me.  Ms. Abboud, calm and level-headed in the heat and the pressure of the explosive situation, took me by the hand and walked with me through this difficult process.  She was always available, day or night, to answer my questions and honestly assess the situation, calm my fears, plan and strategize, and just be there for me.  On a human level, her sincerity and warmth are incomparable. She truly took my case as her own, and fiercely defended every detail of my child’s and my interests.  She would not let a tiny detail pass by without making sure all documents and all processes were pristine, and all of the future interests of my child and me were completely secured.  The case, which started as a horrific nightmare, ended to my satisfaction.  My child is now primarily with me; and is safe and secure.  Ms. Abboud is more than my attorney; she became a close and dear friend.  After all, this is the woman who rescued my child and my life.  She truly is beyond professional and a highly knowledgeable attorney, with tremendous experience.  She is also an incredibly decent and warm human being and a true friend whom I would want by my side, especially when the times are troubled.” ~ Diana K.

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